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Published July 1, 2018

5 stars
Well researched, well written story that might be labeled as historical fiction, but it’s far more history than fiction. Once the war started I found the book hard to put down. The Dawes family before, during, and after the Civil War is impressive. Jim M., June 25, 2018

First of all, I loved your book–in every way. I loved the title, the cover (it was beautiful), the book description on the back, the fact that you included the photos in each chapter along with notes. But most of all, I loved the way you told the story of two such exceptional people. I plead guilty to being an incurable romantic, and that part of the story certainly was beautiful. But more than that, the way you were able to take historical events, letters, family history and make them come to life made your book really exceptional.
I want to offer my sincere congratulations of the publication of such a wonderful story. But more than that, I want to say thank you. Your book was truly a wonderful gift. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a book as much as I did To My Best Girl. Jerrie B., June 30, 2018.