Excerpt from Chapter Six – “Recovery, Defeat, Disappointment”

Published July 29, 2018

Thursday, September 18, 1862—Antietam Battlefield

Captain John Kellogg walks behind the Sixth Wisconsin survivors lying
on the wet ground in line of battle, so small a group now that the regiment
stretches no more than 70 yards end to end. It had been a restless night
for everyone—too much to remember, too much picket firing. He just
had some coffee with several company officers, much of the conversation
subdued as the men recounted their experiences. Fellow officers Brown,
von Bachelle, and Bode are known to be killed, and four lie wounded
in makeshift hospitals set up in Mr. Poffenberger’s farm buildings. The
enlisted ranks are devastated.

Lee’s battered army is still in place around Sharpsburg, all Union
efforts to break them yesterday having minimal success because of poor
coordination and with an awful cost in life on both sides. Are we going to
go at them again today? Kellogg approaches headquarters, Major Rufus
Dawes and Lt. Col. Edward Bragg standing under a tree with their horses
saddled and ready.