A New Year’s Wartime Eve

Published December 31, 2018

Dec. 31, 1863 excerpts from Chapter Ten provide reflections on past patriotism, and a tribute to military service members making sacrifices on our behalf today:

Rufe sums it up to Mary on New Year’s Eve. “… I never felt more proud of the little band of true men…I will most cheerfully go out with them in the next last campaign of the war next spring. After using the influence I have over them to induce them to again volunteer, I regard it a matter of sacred honor to see them through the worst…”

One of his soldiers reflects on it: “… Re-enlisted for three years more in defense of the Union and to maintain the integrity of this Nation. More years of hardships and weary marching before them; the sacrifice of life itself, if required. Where is recorded a more exalted example of patriotism and loyalty?”

Julia Cutler (Rufus’ aunt) records her year-end thoughts.
“This day ends 1863, a year that by the mercy of God has to our family been crowned with many blessings–But to our Country one of bitter sorrow–in bereavements unnumbered–May it result in redemption to the slave.”